Ohio Innovation Fund provided us with potential advisors and partners from $1 billion plus public cyber security companies. They make things happen.

- Jeff Schumann, CEO Aware

Location Matters

Ohio Innovation Fund has co-invested with every Entrepreneurial Signature Program (ESP) in Ohio, as well as with tech commercialization entities, strategic partners, research institutions, and funds both inside and outside of Ohio. The Ohio Innovation Fund focuses on collaboration, expanding opportunities for everyone—Ohio’s companies, research institutions, universities, venture firms, students, alumni, workforce, state government, local communities, and all stakeholders involved.

Ohio Innovation Fund works exclusively with market validated, early-stage companies in order to fund and scale their success, with the end-goal to generate a significant exit.

Ohio Innovation Fund provided us with potential advisors and partners from $1 billion plus public cyber security companies. They make things happen.

- Jeff Schumann, CEO Aware

Companies We Support

Cleveland, OH

eRegulatory and document management platform for clinical research sites.

Columbus, OH

Empowering leading agencies, vendors, and brands to change how out-of-home media is bought and sold.

Enable Injections
Cincinnati, OH

Developing and manufacturing on-body drug delivery devices that allow patients to self-administer therapeutics.

Global Cooling
Athens, OH

Manufactures and sells Stirling Ultracold freezers, a new generation of environmentally friendly, ultra-low temperature freezers.

Pleasanton, CA

Creating diagnostic and monitoring devices to improve the lives of those with asthma, COPD, and other respiratory ailments.

Columbus, OH

Monitor, protect, and grow your enterprise collaboration platform.

College Park, MD

Easily connect and control your sensitive data for analytics and machine learning.

Eccrine Systems, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

Advanced sweat sensors for medicine, industry, and sport.

Genetesis, Inc.
Mason, OH

Rapid, noninvasive imaging for chest pain triage.

Mason, OH

Supplier management made simple.

Cleveland, OH

App focused on giving and getting money without sharing any personal information.

RXQ Compounding
Athens, OH

Precision focused manufacturer of sterile and non-sterile medications.

Columbus, OH

Unique data security solution that effectively anchors information to a single context.

Cleveland, OH

Onboarding automation and candidate engagement platform.

Columbus, OH

Platform focused on unifying the gaming community, providing professional opportunity, and facilitating collaborations.

Leesburg, VA

Impact safety technology company focused on the protection of athletes, military personnel, and consumers.

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Bill has been an investor, CEO and board member for companies sold for over $100 million to entities such as Amerisource Bergen, Calix, Clearwire/Sprint, Dell, Hitachi, Intuit, Skyworks, Medtronic, Motorola, and Stryker, as well as several public companies such as Dexcom, ebix and Infinera.

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