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Triple Impact


Delivering top-tier returns to LPs is OIF's primary objective. We help the best companies in Ohio achieve successful exits through working "in the trenches" with our startup teams and founders. 


OIF innovates by investing into companies building the industries of the future. Our investments are industry-agnostic, and our investments have included SaaS, MedTech, biopharma, cell & gene therapy, cyber security, and artificial intelligence/machine learning.


Through our Student Experience Program, we’re working to train the next generation of entrepreneurs and venture investors. We have a variety of tailored programs including shadow experiences, venture bootcamps, and internships that help "demystify" VC for students, early career professionals, and first-time founders.

Bold Founders

We partner with bold, disruptive, visionary founders who think big and break through the boundaries of what is currently thought possible.

Our founders strive to change the world with their globally impactful companies, bringing together talented teams who are passionate to their core about their company’s mission.


These teams are unbeatable, giving 100% effort to realize the company’s full potential.

Mission - Investment Thesis

Fueling the Disruptive Mindset

Innovative Companies

The Midwest and Ohio are becoming a center for innovation with globally recognized leadership in cell and gene therapy, bio pharma, and MedTech, as well as a blossoming tech market in data science and cyber security.


We believe innovation, at its core, is the reimagining of the future, and we invest in startups with transformative technology who do just that.


Our companies are globally competitive and impactful, making waves throughout their respective industries.

Sound like you?


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