A key aspect of OIF’s mission is to expose and educate college students about the venture capital process, as well as life at startups. Through our Student Experience Program, we help train the next generation of entrepreneurs and venture investors in Ohio.

The OIF Student Experience Program offers students the opportunity to work in the trenches with our firm’s partners to learn the ins-and-outs of venture capital. Students meet with our bold, disruptive founders, engage in due diligence, attend board meetings, and meet with our Managing Director Bill Baumel who has been a venture investor in Silicon Valley for more than twenty years to answer any questions and/or provide career advice.


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Shadow Experience


Columbus, OH

OIF offers year-round, virtual shadow
experiences to any student who is interested in entrepreneurship or venture capital. Get a taste of the business through term sheet reviews, cap table modeling, waterfall analyses and negotiation activities. Shadow experiences are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Venture Boot Camp

Academic Breaks

Columbus, OH

OIF is now offering a one week experience  during winter and spring breaks. This boot camp allows students to dip a toe into VC and entrepreneurship before committing to a full length summer internship. Those who reside in Columbus during winter break may find this the perfect opportunity to gain some extra experience in between semesters. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.


Summer & Academic Year

Columbus, OH

Summer internships are available to high-
achieving students who want to delve deeper into the industry. The program tailors responsibilities to students’ interests and skillset. Former interns have concentrated on a variety of areas, such as finance, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Internships for incoming seniors are available during the summer and as needed throughout the academic year. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

Hear From Our Students

Matt Benson

Current Role: CEO at eFuse

“What differentiates OIF is the value, experience and grit they bring to every conversation and problem. The culture is one of high moral standard, selflessness, hard work and humility.”



Alexandrea Derrer

Current Role: Biomedical Engineering Student at OSU

I certainly see venture and entrepreneurship fitting into my career. With an engineering background and growing venture knowledge, I feel that I have a unique perspective … to look at deals.


Austin McClain

Current Role: Business Student at OU

“OIF also provided opportunities besides just work. I had the chance to spend time in the Aware office learning from their talented and innovative sales team. The team gave me hours of their time to ask questions about life in a startup culture and even invited me to sit in on a sales call!” 

Alex Zorniger

Current Role: MBA Candidate at OSU

I was shocked at the amount of face time we were given with very successful people in the industry. The Venture Boot Camp was unique because it combined great learning material with the opportunity to clarify our understanding of the material with people who have real experience doing it every day.

Long Tran

Current Role: Graphic Design Intern at Ohio Innovation Fund

OIF has not only allowed me to learn, but to also experience. The skills we developed were used in real situations and instead of just hearing about things, we were able to be a part of it.”

Scout Wilkins

Current Role: Mathmatics Student at Kenyon College

“At OIF, I am constantly learning business vernacular, understanding different strategies, and being impressed by all the new solutions out there trying to make our lives easier or the world a safer place. This internship feels less like a job and more like an amazing learning experience.

Isaac Altman

Current Role: IBE Student at OSU, eFuse Intern

The biggest skill I developed was finding creative ways to use data… In academic environments, most data analysis begins with a defined data set that you know will have a solution… At OIF, I had to learn how to find significant datasets and leverage their information to product insights.

Evan Berryman

Current Role: Sales Development Representative at Salesforce

“OIF differs from other organizations I have been involved with in that it provides autonomy and responsibility to employees. OIF encouraged me to think creatively to produce reports and solve problems.”


Smit Patel

Current Role: Doctor of Pharmacy Student at OSU

“There are so many incredible opportunities in VC, and the best place to start is with OIF’s Venture Boot Camp. Not knowing anything about VC is completely okay because that will allow you to fill your learning cup even more.”


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