A key aspect of OIF’s mission is to expose and educate college students about the venture capital process, as well as life at startups. Through our Student Experience Program, we help train the next generation of entrepreneurs and venture investors in Ohio.


The OIF Student Experience Program offers students the opportunity to work in the trenches with our firm’s partners to learn the ins-and-outs of venture capital. Students meet with our bold, disruptive founders, engage in due diligence, attend board meetings, and meet with our Managing Director Bill Baumel who has been a venture investor in Silicon Valley for more than twenty years to answer any questions and/or provide career advice.


Partner Jill Raderstorf runs the Student Experience Program for OIF. As an intern at OIF right after its founding, Jill saw enormous value in learning about the industry firsthand and has a passion for providing that same experience to other students.



“OIF is trying to broaden students’ experiences outside of the classroom. We offer them the opportunity to interact with globally impactful companies that are creating the industries of the future in Ohio.”

- Jill Raderstorf

The Internship

To date, OIF has hosted more than 50 students for internships and shadow experiences from a number of universities, including Ohio State University, Ohio University, Kent State University, Wittenberg University, Kenyon College and Case Western Reserve University. Additionally, OIF coordinates with its companies that host their own interns throughout the academic year and summer, which is another way students can work in a startup environment in the Midwest.

Want to learn more? Read how OIF impacted interns Matthew Benson, Faith Voinovich and Evan Berryman on the OIF blog.

Experiential Learning

OIF offers year-round, one-day shadow
experiences to any student who is interested
in entrepreneurship or venture capital. Visit
our offices and get a taste of the business
through term sheet reviews, cap table
modeling, waterfall analyses and negotiation
activities. Shadow days are offered on a first come, first
served basis and typically last three to four

VENTURE BOOT CAMP (New in 2019!)
OIF is now offering a one-to-two week experience (final timeline to be determined with student) during winter break. This boot camp allows students to dip a toe into VC and entrepreneurship before committing to a full length summer internship. Those who reside in Columbus during winter break may find this the perfect opportunity to gain some extra experience in between semesters.


Summer internships are available to high-
achieving students who want to delve deeper
into the industry. The program tailors
responsibilities to students’ interests and
skillset. Former interns have concentrated on
a variety of areas, such as finance,
entrepreneurship and marketing.

Internships for incoming seniors are available
during the summer and as needed
throughout the academic year at the OIF
office in Columbus, OH. Applications are
considered on a rolling basis.


Email with your name, major, year in school and resume or fill out the form below.

  • The OIF Student Experience Program typically begins with a required shadow day. Please note any of the opportunities you're interested in below (check all that apply):

Where are they now?

Our interns have gone on to pursue internships and full-time positions, as well as create their own companies.


"I learned what I want to pursue in my professional career as a result of interning at OIF. Bill Baumel and Jill Raderstorf are the best mentors a young professional or student could ask for."

- Faith Voinovich