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OIF is Engaging with Universities Across the State

Now that students are back in school, OIF took the opportunity to engage with the university population to educate, inform, and help  budding entrepreneurs get involved in the innovation economy throughout the state.

In September alone, our partners spent time with students and faculty at five universities across the state:  Kenyon College, The Ohio State University, Kent State University, University of Akron and Wittenberg University.  At each institution, students learned more about the big problems that our portfolio companies are solving (cardiac imaging, collaboration monitoring, and financial privacy to name a few) and the social impact of the work that they are doing.

During the  Kent State University  Fall Career Fair, students learned about Ohio Innovation Fund internships and some of the opportunities at our portfolio companies for students focused on computer science and engineering specialties.  At Kenyon College and Wittenberg University, over 100 students had the opportunity to learn about the work that venture capitalists perform. At Ohio State, our partners participated in the OSU Honors Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) Fall Retreat. OIF was the keynote speaker on the topic of multidisciplinary teams and the importance of product managers in startups. Finally, at University of Akron, our partners spoke with faculty and staff of the university and its research foundation about ways the two entities can better collaborate.

Opportunities to Work in the Heart of the Innovation Economy

OIF offers students an opportunity to work in the heart of the innovation economy through internships at OIF and its portfolio companies.  We take pride in training the next generation of venture investors and entrepreneurs, and the best way to do that is by giving students the opportunity to gain real world experience in the industry.  OIF is offering three main tracks for its summer internship experience; Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.

Students interested in working with OIF or one of our 12 portfolio companies can find all open job and internship postings for our portfolio companies by clicking on the Opportunities button at the bottom of our OIF Portfolio page.

We made great strides in September and are looking forward to continuing the conversations in October.  Our partners will be speaking at the following events:

We hope to see you there!

OIF is Engaging with Universities Across the State