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May 2018 Portfolio Company Update: New Investments, New Headlines

The newest OIF portfolio companies are already making waves in their respective industries, markets

Since the beginning of 2018, Ohio Innovation Fund has brought two additional startups to its already impressive roster of innovative companies. These two startups, ConnXus and Genetesis, have made their way into the national spotlight this past month, while Immuta continues to rapidly expand its industry-wide, international influence.

Take a look at just some of the most recent news from our extraordinary portfolio companies.

Genetesis & Enable Injections Make Cincinnati a Better Place recently published an article highlighting all of the great things Cincinnati has to offer new businesses. From easy access to startup capital, to a blossoming business community/network, to the area’s wealth of natural talent and entertainment options, the Queen City is quickly becoming a Midwest economic powerhouse. The article highlights successful startups, including OIF portfolio companies Genetesis and Enable Injections, as evidence of the city’s influence and potential.

Explore why Cincinnati is the perfect location for your next business venture.  

Switch It Up: ConnXus COO & Global Supply Chain Management StartupGeneral Manager Featured in Procurement Magazine

In the world of supply management, diversifying the supply chain can result in decreased costs, lowered risks and increased downstream economic stimulation. Daryl Hammett of ConnXus recently wrote a guest article for Procurement Leaders discussing the benefits of a diverse supply base.

“Diverse businesses can also impact your bottom line. Many have to be nimble and agile to compete. They have to be innovative and must design creative solutions to make more from less. The nature of these businesses is to drive down costs but add value.”

Read the entire article here.

Immuta’s International Data Security Influence & the Impact of GDPR

Cybersecurity Startup Funding

If you’re like us, your inbox has been getting hammered with emails with the headline “We’ve Changed Our Privacy Policy.” This is, in part, due to the recent implementation of the EU GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation. While the regulations are centered around the European Union, the impact has been felt globally, which is why the data security experts of Immuta made the trip to London to discuss the impact of these new regulations and what it could mean for AI, machine-learning and innovation moving forward.

See what the experts have to say regarding GDPR risks for investors.

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May 2018 Portfolio Company Update: New Investments, New Headlines