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New Funding & Groundbreaking Thought Leadership – July 1, 2018 Portfolio Update

OIF Portfolio Companies Accumulate Additional Funding While Publishing Industry-Shaping Resources

“Privacy” is the name of the game in 2018. As startups garner more capital and funding, many are doing so for the purpose of expanding cybersecurity capabilities and creating a safer digital experience. Take a look at how Ohio Innovation Fund’s portfolio companies maintain a steady pattern of significant growth, while continuing to expand their industry-wide influence when it comes to digital privacy.

Immuta Raises $20 Million in Funding to Expand 

Cybersecurity Startup Funding

With eyes on building an office in London, Immuta in mid-June finished a $20 million round of funding, contributors to which included DFJ Growth and Citi Ventures. CEO Matthew Carroll told VentureBeat that London is a prime spot for the data governance experts at Immuta to set up a new office – as companies continue to work through the challenges associated with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effort, and as Immuta works to help its clients with compliance..

Read the article in its entirety here.

The Company Also Released a Pioneering Risk Management Resource

In their newest white paper, “Beyond Explainability: A Practical Guide to Managing Risk in Machine Learning Models,” Immuta and the Future of Privacy Forum tackle the question: How can we govern a technology its creators can’t fully explain?

Download the White Paper here:

Mezu Acquires $10 Million to Make Transactions More Private

Following a mid-June launch, new OIF portfolio company Mezu is already grabbing attention for its privacy-conscious payment app. A VentureBeat article profiles the startup, traces the genesis of its innovative concept and offers a detailed explanation of how it works, emphasizing Mezu’s focus on service-industry workers and the app’s user-friendly configuration.

“There’s hunger out there, for a new sort of generation of apps … that really focus on making sure people’s information is protected.” –Mezu CEO and co-founder Yuval Brisker

Read the whole article here.

Wiretap Publishes Risk Management Workplace Collaboration PlatformResearch from More Than 1,000,000 Employee Interactions

The workplace collaboration experts at Wiretap have released their first “Human Behavior Risk Analysis” report to help businesses identify risky blind spots in their networking tools, eliminate toxic communication among employees and promote a positive corporate culture. Compiling the findings from more than a million digital workplace interactions, the eye-opening report uncovers the most commonly overlooked risks in the enterprise collaboration environment.

You can download the full report here:

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New Funding & Groundbreaking Thought Leadership – July 1, 2018 Portfolio Update