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Introducing Genetesis: The Most Recent Addition to the OIF Portfolio

Genetesis is focused on rapid, non-invasive imaging for chest pain triage & represents OIF’s first investment in 2018

Ohio Innovation Fund is proud to support this innovative company in its pursuit of disrupting the current standard of care for chest pain patients. We focus on “need to have,” not “nice to have,” innovations and Genetesis is a perfect example of this ideology.

A Compelling Solution to Chest PainMedTech Startup to Solve Chest Pain

Genetesis is dedicated to improving the chest pain patient’s hospital experience. The company offers a solution that provides more information in a timelier manner than the current standard of care and is entirely passive, non-invasive and completely radiation-free. Genetesis monitors the heart’s natural electromagnetic emissions to determine the source of chest pain. The technology is an imaging platform based on the concept of 45 years of research in magnetocardiography (MCG), in which the weak magnetic fields generated by the heart can be passively measured. Using patented data science and visualization methods, ER physicians can analyze a CardioFlux report within 5 minutes of a patient being scanned; the total process including scan time is less than 7 minutes.

The Genetesis Team

Genetesis’ CEO is Peeyush Shrivastava, an OSU student turned entrepreneur. He and his co-founders, Vineet Erasla and Manny Setegn, have spent years working on their solution, which uses biomagnetic imaging to help physicians distinguish between cardiac vs. non-cardiac chest pain. Peeyush has recruited Dr. Alisa Niksch, a pediatric cardiac electrophysiologist and Director of Pediatric Electrophysiology at Tufts Medical Center, as Chief Medical Officer, and strategic advisor Mike Hooven, CEO of Enable Injections, to support the team’s efforts.

A Market Ripe for Disruption

Chest pain affects nearly eight million patients every year. Patients can spend up to 36 hours in the hospital waiting for answers. Genetesis is working to change this, with a goal of optimizing costs, enhancing clinical outcomes and getting patients in and out of the hospital faster than ever before. Genetesis’ solution will be submitted for FDA 510(k) clearance early this summer, and clearance is expected later in 2018.

For all of these reasons, and many more, we proudly welcome Genetesis to the OIF portfolio.

Introducing Genetesis: The Most Recent Addition to the OIF Portfolio