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OIF Portfolio Companies Are Leading the Way As Industry Thought Leaders in Early 2018

Each Ohio Innovation Fund portfolio company carries its own unique startup story and brings its own niche industry insight to the table. From cybersecurity, to medical technology, to out-of-home marketing, these organizations are reaching new audiences and influencing the markets they look to excel in.

Take a look at just some the most recent news from our incredible portfolio companies.

Wiretap CEO Highlighted on Conquering Columbus Podcast

Wiretap co-founder and CEO Jeff Schumann was featured on the most recent episode of the Cybersecurity Funding & VC FirmConquering Columbus podcast. As Wiretap seeks funding for its next round, Schumann gives the investment world an in-depth look at his personal history and unwavering passion in this energizing conversation.

You can hear his inspiring story and path to entrepreneurial success here.

Immuta Gives In-Depth insight On the Growing Trust Gap in Data Cybersecurity Startup Funding

In the world of artificial intelligence, trust is a critical business success factor. However, as 81% of IT companies are actively (or planning to) investing in AI, data privacy finds itself at the center of discussion – and in the middle of a potential firestorm of security risks.

But who is responsible for governing the use of data in the digital age? How does one improve trust in analytics among c-level executives in this new era of advanced AI? Immuta gives its perspective, well-informed opinions and influential answers in this article.

DOMedia Shows How a Business Can Get Super Bowl-Level Advertising Impressions

Media Company Early Stage Startup Funding

The Big Game has come and gone, but the marketing data and analysis continues to pour in. In 2018, a 30-second Super Bowl ad cost companies upwards of $5,000,000. While the impressions are incredible and the reach is vast, this simply isn’t feasible for all companies, nor would this particular platform reach the particular target audience for that organization. Marketing money could simply be used more effectively.

DOmedia wrote an interesting article showing how much it would cost companies, in major markets, to get the Super Bowl-level impressions using just Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising and marketing.

Read the article by DOmedia here.

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Inspiring the Midwest With Unique Market Insights