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Major local, state & national outlets recognize OIF portfolio companies for their innovations

From local-level roundups of promising startups to in-depth analyses of trends in artificial intelligence, the Ohio Innovation Fund’s portfolio companies are generating buzz. And given their technical brilliance and drive to succeed, it’s no wonder. When these organizations need expertise on a difficult topic or a rising star to spotlight, they know OIF companies are the way to go.

Take a look at just some of the most recent news from our extraordinary portfolio companies.

Immuta CPO Quoted in Brookings Cybersecurity Startup FundingInstitution Report on Artificial Intelligence

On April 24, renowned policy think tank the Brookings Institution released a far-ranging report on the role of artificial intelligence in the transformation of everyday life. Among the experts quoted in the report was Andrew Burt, chief privacy officer at Immuta, from an interview he gave to Predictive Analytics Times. Burt’s contribution focuses on the increasingly crucial tasks taken on by data science operations, and the importance of the role data scientists play in training and explaining their models.

The report stresses the importance of avoiding bias in AI functions, as a means of building consumer confidence in digital platforms, and Burt argues that transparency is the biggest obstacle faced by predictive analytics.

Learn more about the transformative power of AI here.

Ohio Third Frontier Spotlights Genetesis Founder’s Work with Cardiac DisordersMedTech Startup to Solve Chest Pain

Only a small minority of chest pain severe enough to warrant a hospital visit is the result of a heart attack or similar life-threatening condition, meaning the ability to accurately diagnose and develop treatment plans for cardiac disorders makes a huge difference and saves patients time and money. That’s the goal of CardioFlux by Genetesis, a 3-D heart-mapping tool that uses magnetic fields, and it inspired Ohio Third Frontier to focus on Genetesis co-founder Peeyush Shrivastava in a video featured on its TechOhio platform.

“… We realized – and it was our ‘aha!’ moment – that we didn’t necessarily need to measure the current flowing through the heart, we could measure the magnetic field, and by doing so, be a completely non-invasive technology.”

Learn more about Genetesis’ CardioFlux technology and its growth in Ohio here.

Wiretap is a Startup to Watch in ColumbusWorkplace Collaboration Platform

Wiretap’s efforts monitoring enterprise social networks and other collaboration tools, along with its work with Fortune 500 companies, is catching the attention of people and organizations that keep an eye on startups. Inspired by a VentureBeat story that lauded Columbus and the Midwest as a fast-growing region in the startup community, Columbus Navigator profiled some of the most impressive new startups in town, with Wiretap near the top of the list.

In addition to recognizing Wiretap’s accomplishments, including its $4.9 million Series A equity investment last summer, the story noted the rapid expansion of the enterprise social network world that Wiretap helps businesses understand and use efficiently, emphasizing that the market is expected to grow from a $2.6 billion industry now to a $12.2 billion industry by 2026.

Learn more about Wiretap’s prominent position in the Columbus startup scene here.

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Eyes on Expertise