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Workplace by Facebook Taps Wiretap to Boost Awareness & Increase Organizational Insight

Workplace by Facebook, one of the fastest-growing collaboration platforms available, announced a Cybersecurity Funding & VC Firmpartnership with Wiretap, making the Aware by WiretapTM collaboration governance platform and its Feedfall real-time content visualization platform accessible as fully integrated solutions.

Organizations using Workplace by Facebook will now have access to Aware’s Data Management Module, allowing them to manage retention policies and platform data in a content-specific, collaborative environment. This solution helps protect against increasing privacy concerns and facilitate enterprise-level General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance.Workplace by Facebook GDPR Compliance Solution

The Facebook-based collaboration platform is currently used by more than 30,000 organizations worldwide, including major brands like Walmart, Starbucks, Spotify and Campbell’s, making this partnership a significant achievement for Wiretap, an Ohio Innovation Fund portfolio company.

Wiretap CEO & Co-Founder Jeff Schumann had this to say in an official press release:

“We’re thrilled that Wiretap was named a Workplace by Facebook Development Partner, as we can offer enhanced visibility and a deeper awareness into employee behavior within the platform. By implementing Aware to ensure compliance and protect company culture, organizations can fully leverage Workplace’s capabilities and reap the benefits of successful collaboration.”

Get more details about the partnership here.

Foundational Enterprise Social Network Protection

Aware by Wiretap is designed to provide 24/7, proactive monitoring for all business-wide communications, including internal and external collaboration, chat conversations, shared files/documents and employee-based groups. The platform acts as a safeguard against HR policy violations, regulatory compliance issues, data leaks, theft and security risks.

Other Collaboration Platforms Protected by Aware by Wiretap:Enterprise Social Network Security Solutions

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Yammer
  • Microsoft Group
  • Slack (coming soon)

Learn more about the Aware by Wiretap platform here.

Workplace by Facebook Taps Wiretap to Boost Awareness & Increase Organizational Insight

Developmental Protection