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Big Breakthroughs & Acknowledged Expertise: August 1, 2018 Portfolio Update

OIF Portfolio Companies Gain Recognition for Major Advancements

When one of the Ohio Innovation Fund’s portfolio companies makes a big announcement, people take notice, and when a major step forward is made in one of our companies’ industries, people reach out to our companies for their insight. Keep reading to see some of the ways OIF portfolio companies are being recognized for their contributions to the world.


Don’t Sweat it! Media Recognize Eccrine Systems as Sensors Make News

Ohio Medical Startup FundingStanford University researchers recently made a breakthrough on a wearable sensor that tracks levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, as a means of measuring stress itself. And as media have covered this developing story, they’ve also covered sweat sensor development company Eccrine Systems, Inc., which has proven its expertise in the field through its advancements. A story in IEEE Spectrum goes a step further and quotes co-founder Jason Heikenfeld on his own sensor work.

Read the entire story here.


Immuta Announces Far-Ranging New Features for its Data Management Platform

Cybersecurity Startup FundingA significant update to Immuta’s data management platform adds Global Policy Enforcement, Curated Data Tags, External Catalogs and support for Spark 2.x, improving data access and control for users while automating development of data policies. As a result, users with governance permissions are able to create enterprise-wide policies and easily enforce them at all levels, making slow, local-level policy enforcement a thing of the past.

See the new features in action through a series of videos.

OIF portfolio company DOmedia also made some recent improvements to its software, which you can read about here.


ConnXus Promotes Diversity & Inclusion Through New Partnership

Cloud-Based Supplier Management Solutions SuiteAs part of an effort to boost inclusive procurement practices, supplier management company ConnXus recently announced a three-year partnership with worldwide procurement network Procurement Leaders and its more than 700 member organizations. ConnXus will be putting on webinars centered on diversity and inclusion within the procurement and supplier industries, while also sharing future-looking approaches to those topics at Procurement Leaders events, and will present the ConnXus Diversity & Inclusion Award in 2019 at the World Procurement Awards.

“We want to create awareness of sustainable supply chains achieved through inclusion. In addition to acknowledging the value and innovation these organizations obtain, we want to celebrate the impact they have on the local and global community.” –ConnXus COO & General Manager Daryl Hammett

Read more about the partnership here.

ConnXus was also mentioned, alongside OIF portfolio company Wiretap, in a recent VentureBeat story on the growth of big data in Ohio.


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Big Breakthroughs & Acknowledged Expertise: August 1, 2018 Portfolio Update