It’s 2019, and recent grads know that they won’t land their dream job without some real-world experience on their resume. That’s why OIF and its companies have hosted close to 100 students for internships and shadow days. OIF’s Student Experience Program trains the next generation of entrepreneurs and venture investors in Ohio. Alicia Burdette is one of those students.

Alicia is an Ohio University creative writing and marketing student who interned with OIF company Aware throughout the summer of 2019. As the social media and content marketing intern, she crafted content for Aware’s social channels, blog and more. Now, Alicia is working as an e-mail marketing communications assistant for Ohio University’s Office of Admissions and barista and Ohio University’s cafes.

Here’s what she said about her startup experience: 

I wrote several blog posts while interning at Aware, but one of my favorite ones to write was ‘How to Close the Communication Gap in the Healthcare Industry’ because it was one of the more challenging posts for me to write. I liked researching and utilizing that research to create a blog post that could give readers the information they’re looking for, but not having it sound too academic or boring.

Another project I worked on at Aware was a Lunch-and-Learn presentation with the marketing team about inbound marketing. It was a great chance for me to reflect on the work I was doing at Aware and to think about the impact each of us have on the organization.

Overall, this internship was incredibly valuable to me in so many ways. Not only did I get to dive into inbound marketing and learn about an entirely different type of writing than I learned in my creative writing classes at Ohio University, but being around so many people who are extremely knowledgable and passionate about their work was motivating as I continue to look for additional internships and a career post-graduation.

Another relevant piece of information: More often than not, there were dogs in the office.