Thanks for tuning in to chapter five of our From The Trenches Q&A series, where our experienced team answers any and all of your venture capital related questions. Have a question for Managing Director Bill Baumel or Partner Jill Raderstorf? Send it to us!

Q: What kinds of companies does OIF invest in?

A: We are in Ohio, for Ohio. Our companies are bold, innovative, transparent, transformative and fun, and our investments are not exclusive to one industry. Instead, we invest in a variety of fields, such as med tech, SaaS, cyber security, data science and advanced manufacturing. We are active in all major Ohio cities, including Columbus, Athens, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Akron.


Although many of our companies are pre- or early-revenue when we initially invest, they continue on to grow to tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and have secured a majority of Fortune 500 companies as customers, as well as many leading universities. We have companies whose strategic partners include Facebook, Microsoft, Sanofi, Citi, Dell, and SAP, among others. Tech Ohio ranked OIF companies Aware and Stirling Ultracold as the top early stage and growth stage start-up cultures in Ohio.

Bill Baumel, Managing Director at the Ohio Innovation FundĀ