In 2018, Ohio Innovation Fund (OIF) expanded its Student Experience Program through the offering of student internships and shadow experiences. We hosted more than 17 students throughout the year from a variety of universities, such as Kent State University, Ohio State University, Ohio University, Wittenberg University, Kenyon College and Case Western Reserve University.

Graduating senior Faith Voinovich is a chemical engineering student at Ohio University. In the summer prior to her senior year, Voinovich was an associate intern for the Ohio Innovation Fund. 

What did a typical day look like for you as an OIF intern? 

A typical day at OIF for me included everything from due diligence to shareholders meetings to travel to colleges or even Washington, D.C., for presentations on the innovative work OIF is doing. One of the great parts about having portfolio companies experiencing success is there’s something new to do every day! With the right mix of time management and prioritization, you can get a little bit of everything in a “typical” day at OIF.

How does OIF differ from other companies or organizations at which you’ve worked? 

OIF is the most fast-paced company at which I’ve worked, and that constant productive energy is one of the things I loved most about my internship. There’s never a dull moment at OIF because even when you’re doing what might be a stereotypically “boring” task, you know how it fits into the larger picture for OIF or a portfolio company. That real responsibility keeps the work interesting.

What experiences have you had in classes, clubs or other internships that prepared you for this position? 

I’m someone who thrives in controlled chaos; I love being involved in all sorts of clubs and activities outside of my selected educational path, and it’s the time management I learned in these organizations that most benefited me in my role at OIF. Additionally, my experience doing research as part of the Center for Entrepreneurship at OHIO and sitting on the Board of Trustees helped me build confidence in drawing and sharing the conclusions from due diligence work I did at OIF.

What was the biggest lesson you learned while interning with OIF? 

I learned what I want to pursue in my professional career as a result of interning at OIF. Bill Baumel and Jill Raderstorf are the best mentors a young professional or student could ask for; they are exceptional leaders and work to include interns in a variety of learning experiences.

What advice would you give to students hoping to land an internship in venture capital or at a startup company? 

Get involved now! Look into the creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial resources at your school, and see how you can get involved. The more experience you have with entrepreneurial jargon and common obstacles/opportunities start-ups face, the more value you can provide to any start-up or VC!

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